Article: Arbor Images at the Leinies Lodge (Rustic Furniture)

Arbor Images made the standing tables for the

Leinies Lodge located in the Bradley Center!

You can see them in this video!

Article: Saving Your Special Tree

Trees are a living thing. Like all living things, trees are subject to sickness, struggle, and death. Arbor Images can help you with all of this. Our certified arborists can help with trying to save a struggling tree. However, not all trees can be saved. Need not to worry though, Arbor Images can still help. If you have a tree, you would like to forever remember and cherish, we can re-invent it. With our equipment and skill set we can also turn your tree into a beautiful rememberance piece. You can see our work in our Rustic Furniture Gallery. We can burn, and engrave all kinds of things too, great for rememberance tree's that took a turn for the worse. Here at Arbor Images, we love trees, and would love to help you with any of your tree needs.

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